Family Life Education

Community Presentation and Facilitation Services

If your agency, service club, or business is looking for single session speakers, we can help. Some topics include Boundaries, Stress, Grief and Loss, Self-harm, Burnout in family or work environment, Compassion Fatigue, Resilience, Mindfulness, Child Development and Self-Esteem, Creating Healthy Relationships, Dealing With Challenging People, Learning to Trust Ourselves and Others. Facilitated by MHFS staff members, workshops can be 45 minutes to 3 hours in length. Workshops have two key characteristics for learning: Presentation - this is educational information and content, and facilitation - this is normally in the form of group interaction. All presentations must be booked 3 or 4 weeks prior to event depending on request. Contact us for more information and fees.


Medicine Hat Service coordinates a number of men’s offender treatment groups throughout the year aimed at helping men explore various issues surrounding their intimate partner violence and abuse. This 8-10 week group seeks to explore/incorporate new beliefs, thoughts and actions that support and promote healthy relationships. While the majority of referrals are mandated clients (court ordered) directed through our contracted services with AHS – Mental Health, we also invite non-mandated referrals (with no outstanding domestic violence issues before the court) to register for our groups.

Funding for Courage to Change for Men made possible in part through a grant from Alberta Health Services.

Program dates are set annually. (5-6 staggered start dates per year)

Availability of programs is subject to number of registrants.

Free of Charge

For more information and to register please phone Medicine Hat Family Service at 403-504-8026

Seven week program starting Jan 26 – March 16, 2023  5:30pm to 7pm call to register 403-504-8026.

Kids in the Middle is an 7 week program for children between 8-12 years of age whose parents are experiencing separation or divorce. The topics include the loss of the nuclear family, divided loyalties, step families, dealing with the feelings of divorce and positive coping skills. Please call 403-504-8026 to register. A parent information night will be held prior to the start of the program.

Parent Orientation:(Parents ONLY) 1 hour

Introduction to the Kids in the Middle Program – Program Rationale and Agenda, Counselling Services, Documents and Releases completed.

Session One:(Kids ONLY) 1.5 hours

Topic: Introductions

Introduction to the Kids in the Middle program- discussion and games/activities

Snack: To be determined

Session Two: (Kids Only) 1.5 hours

Topic: Feelings

Discussions and activities of feelings around divorce/separation

Snack: To be determined

Session Three:(Kids Only) 1.5 hours

Topic: Losses

Exploration of grief and loss

Snack: To be determined

Session Four:(Kids Only) 1.5 hours

Topic: Assertiveness

Discussion of assertive, passive, and aggressive communication styles

Snack: To be determined

Session Five: (Kids Only) 1.5 hours

Topic: Caught in the Middle

Discussing parents’ behaviours and mixed messages

Snack: To be determined

Session Six:(Parents & Kids) 1.5 hours

Topic: Self-Care and Wrap up Celebration

What have we learnt?

Activities for Parents and Kids and Completion Certificates

Snack: To be determined

Fee: $60.00/child

Subsidies are available through the generous support of the United Way of Southeastern Alberta

In a pickle? Join DILLS! Created especially for Medicine Hat area’s 50-plus population Senior Services – City of Medicine Hat and Medicine Hat Family Service. This is a contemporary thematic topic series addressing relationships. Come and learn every fourth Wednesday from May to June. Look for topics on Shaw Cable News/ Medicine Hat News Senior Services, City of Medicine Hat Newsletter.

Location:Veiner Centre (225 Woodman Ave, SE)

Call 403-504-8026 or 403-529-8383 for more information.

Free of charge

ABC’s of Home Alone is a 5 hour course for children in ages 8 – 10 to learn the safety issues of being home alone for short periods of time. Who to call, easy snacks, preventative thinking are just some of the new stuff students will learn. Please call Medicine Hat Family Service for more information or to register your child for this course.

Call: 403-504-8026

Hey we have a couples workshops happening on June 7, 2023 at 5:30pm at the Medicine Hat Public Library. This is a four series workshop and it is free thanks to our friends Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta !!! To register or for more information please call Medicine Hat Family Service at 403-504-8026 please like and share this post with family and friends!

Hey we have our first grief and loss support group series for children and teens. All the information for registration is on the poster.

Thank you to the Medicine Hat Realtors Association for their kind gift that allows these groups to happen!

Call: 403-504-8026